Blue Peris Beeswax & Frankincense Hand Cream


beeswax and frankincense hand cream

Blue Peris Beeswax & Frankincense Hand Cream.

Historically used as an anointing oil and perfume. Given to the Lord Jesus Christ as one of the gifts by the three wise men.

Used to treat acne and scaring. Believed to boost immunity, fight infection and reduce inflammation

3 reviews for Blue Peris Beeswax & Frankincense Hand Cream

  1. H Holloway

    Good handcream, leaving skin soft. Also very good and refreshing on feet hard skin, lovely to use after pedicure.

  2. Josh brown

    Great product worth the buy

  3. Maria wagstaff

    Finally found something to help sooth and condition my hands..spending a lot of time with my horse and out in all weathers, my hands have always suffered but at last a solution definitely recommend these products.

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